Level Up in The Email Industry

Connecting email professionals in a supportive and encouraging manner in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.


Wanting support on your journey in the email industry. Others have been there before and are available for you!


Stand out as a leader in the industry and help support those who are building their careers.

No more cold LinkedIn messaging, emails, or calls.

Meet influential EMAIL professionals in three simple steps.

Connect with leaders

Introduce yourself

Once accepted as a mentee we will ask you a series of questions about your work history, career goals, aspirations, industry and your preferred style of mentoring and we use this to provide a personal matching service.

Get Paired/Connected

Based on your interests, objectives and goals, the industry you work in and relying on our own experience we pair you with someone able to help support you as you accelerate your career in email.

Meet your mentor

Personalized career advice from email industry professionals.Tailoreds for you and your circumstances and completely free.

Volunteering Their time and expertise

Meet a few of our Mentors

Lauren Meyer

CMO SocketLabs, M3AAWG Committee Chair

Tanishq Juneja

Global Head of Marketing, Netcore

Komal Helyer

VP of Marketing, Pure360 | Chair DMA Email Marketing Council

Paul Airy

Email Design and Accessibility Consultant, author of the book, A Type of Email.

Andrew Bonar

Fractional Deliverability Lead & Executive Advisor

Tony Patti

Deliverability Services Director, Sparkpost

Email Mentors

We believe in the lasting impact that both mentorship relationships and peer to peer learning can play in our journey of finding the right careers. Whether you are a few years into a career, many years out of a career, seeking a new career or just getting started, we value setting aside time to share and learn from one another. EmailMentors is your platform to create, develop and track the progress of your unique mentorship relationships.

Born out of discussions between Komal Helyer, Andrew and Nely Bonar during the second lockdown.

The pandemic forced rapid change across the world and left many feeling disconnected from their usual professional circles of support and encouragement. We felt there was something we could do to support the community and create meaningful positive impact in the lives of email marketers and other professionals in the space.  Noting no mentoring program for our industry existed, we all felt this was something the professional community could gain from.

Together we set out to create a positive, productive, safe space for people to develop skills and meaningful relationships through mentorship, idea incubation, and custom volunteer positions.